Get It Magazine “Holiday Edition” Photoshoot – Leigh-anne Williams

Get It Magazine Cover

This a very special holiday post.  Once again I somehow always feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with professionals such as Leigh-anne Williams(Expressoshow presenter & Goodhope fm DJ) & Seagram Pearce(photographer extraordinaire).  We shot this cover at the gorgeous 12 Apostles Spa and as we stumbled into the foyer with gigantic dress bags and steamer trailing behind like an IV drip, two guests asked our favourite make-up artist Jane-Anne Wilson, “Are you getting married?”

“Yes” I said *grinning from ear to ear*… and so the “blushing bride” and I  missioned on to our exquisite location…the penthouse suite baby!  The view… absolutely breath-taking, couture…designer of course and the team…pffft…stellar!  I knew as every photograph was taken, that this shoot would be epic.  And so I share some of our behind the scenes shots with you…enjoy and may you have a kick ass Christmas!

2012-11-02 12.18.47

2012-11-02 12.18.58

2012-11-02 12.31.08

Dress – Alist Boutique, Cuff – Lovisa, Earrings – Accessorize

2012-11-02 13.12.47

2012-11-02 13.09.06

Bandeaux dress – Mari&Me, Tulle Skirt – Kluk CGDT, Earrings – Lovisa, Ring – Accessorize

Cover Image courtesy of Get It Magazine.  All Behind Scenes photos taken by Robynn Farrell.

Photographer – Seagram Pearce

Make-up – Jane-anne Wilson

Stylist – Robynn Farrell


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