Behind the Scenes – Photo Shoot with Caspar Lee

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2012-12-19 17.16.35

The beginning – a secret location

2012-12-19 18.08.39

A model?

2012-12-19 18.09.31

No…”That South African Teenager who sometimes speaks to a camera” – Caspar Lee ๐Ÿ™‚

2012-12-19 18.29.39

A stylist tweeking a pair of stubborn shorts…

2012-12-19 18.40.10

And chill time

2012-12-19 18.54.33

Caspar’s pensive look?

2012-12-19 18.55.44

And just chillin…again

2012-12-19 19.44.18

The Happy Ending (so to speak) ๐Ÿ˜‰ – dinner at Primi World with team and co

All threads sponsored by Jay Jays

Styling – Robynn Farrell

Stylist’s assistant – Mihke Henn

Hair & Make-up – Jane-anne Wilson(Head 2 Toe)

Photographer – Preyen Moodley (Loop Photo)

Behind Scenes photos – Robynn Farrell


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