“Adi Originals – Lets Go All In”

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When I first saw these Adidas Court Decks, I had to stop and take a moment of silence for all the sneakers, sat along side them – fallen to the way side in comparison…sigh…I heart Adi Originals and in today’s post I’m gonna let the these sneakers do the talking…Lets Go All In!







And when you step out in your favourite kicks today, remember,”What this world needs now is love…”, more sneakers and originality…so go all in or get the f**k out…sneakerevolution.

All images courtesy of Vorsprung Studios(Gunther Schubert)


J&B Met Inspiration 2013 – “Made to fly”

J&B Met has chosen “Made to Fly” as their theme this year – a theme that can go horribly wrong or be elegantly beautiful.  When dressing for themed events, it’s always a good idea to NOT take the theme literally.  Yes, there will most probably be your fair share of pilots and air hostesses meandering around the race track next Saturday but ask yourself…Do you wanna be a spectacle, a spectator or a siren amongst the crowd?”

When I think of “Made to Fly”…I think of the following…

*Whispy flowing designs*

Soft silhouettes and billowing gowns will give the illusion of flight and air…this is a nice way to tie into the theme and yet still remain stylish and elegant.

*Stylist’s Tip* : Be warned though that if you opt for a long train, it’s bound to be trampled by your fellow  Met goers…best to keep that hem line just above the ground or shorter…I’m just saying…


Maria Menounos wears a beautiful Maria Lucia Hohan gown


Emma Stone wears Lanvin


Charlize Theron wears Dior


Jason Wu Spring 2013

*Light  airy colours*

Take inspiration from Chaos(Greek goddess of air) by keeping the colour scheme to white, creams and pastels.  This is ideal for 3 reasons…One you’ve loosely tied what you’re wearing into the theme of the day(keeping it light and airy), two it’ll most probably be a scorcher of a day and three, pastels are on trend this season!

*Stylist Tip* : Choose a dress that has some sort of detail which moves as you do, ie. beading, fringing or frills


Guiliana Rancic wears a Tony Ward dress



Alberta Ferretti 2

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013


Cameron Diaz wears Gucci


Kaley Cuoco wears Romona Keveza gown

*The Cape*

Now this is a tricky one that can quickly derail your look if you don’t get it right…have a look at how top designers have incorporated “the cape” into their creations…

*Stylist’s Tip*:  Wonderwoman…epic fail!

Alberta Ferretti 1

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013

Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley poses as she arrives for the Elle Style Awards in London

Rosie Huntington wears Antonio Berardi


Gwyneth Paltrow wears Tom Ford

Avant Garde

This would be my favourite look for this years extravaganza…Stephane Roulland’s Spring 2013 range screams “Made to Fly” from the rooftops.  Crisp white, tailored and structured pieces infused with flowing chiffon skirts and sleeves…breathtaking!

*Stylist’s Tip* : Keep this look as clean as possible(little to no accessories and hair swept back)  The couture should be the statement!

Stephane Roulland 2

Stephane Roulland 3

Stephane Roulland 4

Stephane Roulland


Lets not do wings guys…please…we’re not at the Rio carnivale or on a Victoria Secret runway…seriously…NO I’m serious!

Subtle intelligent touches are what’s gonna get you on the best dressed list…here’s some inspiration for ya…

*Stylist’s Tip*: Bigbird…Angry cat says NO!


Vanessa Williams wears a seafoam green feather dress to the 2007 Emmys


Pink  feather wedding gown


Blake Lively wears Marchesa One shoulder Ostrich Feather dress


Wear a feather collar with a sexy little number for a little bit of drama 😉


Elegant mesh and feather hairpiece for a classic touch

little hattery 1

Little Hattery

little hattery 2



Philip Treacy



And here’s a little something for the guys…I’m gonna go with keep it simple..”Made to fly”? How about “Made to BE fly”!  A classic tailored look in pastel, dove grey, cream or white is the way to go this year…keep your swag fresh and you’ll be soaring…no doubt!

Classic Suit Up


Ryan Gosling wears Ralph Lauren pinstripe suit


Ryan Gosling takes inspiration from “Old Blue Eyes” Frank Sinatra(Fly me to the Moon)

3 Piece Suit


David Beckham wears a 3 piece suit


*Stylist’s Tip* : What’s great about this is, as the evening progresses you can take off your blazer, roll up your sleeves and still look  slick.

The All White Look


Ed Westwick


Pharell Williams

Same jacket but 2 very different looks…whether you’re going for suave or swag…this all white look with touches of black will have heads turning for sure!

Smart Casual


David Becham



ryan gosling fashion

Ryan Gosling


Zac Efron

*Stylist’s Tip:* Throw on a pair of Armani shades(with it’s signature design to pick up on the element of “Made to fly”) and you’re good to go!



Converse – Leather High Tops by John Varvatos

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When I first saw these sneakers, I fell in love with the unequivocal darkness of them…

They invoked in me, a feeling that can only be described as the filthy grunge that you’d find under your sneakers after a hot mess of a night out.  Now I’m generally not a fan of pre distressed  pieces but there’s just something about these sneaks that yells at me…unashamed, unapologetic, ruff-like!  These high tops are to me what The Strokes are to Rock ‘n Roll.  They have an easy edge.

Worn burgundy leather reveals a faded chevron/star imprint and slightly scuffed toe caps, suggests that these have taken your feet to many a underground gig.  The vintage pinstriped inner lining and black leather trim “celebrates the spirit of rebellion”…But my favourite design element in these pair of sneakers has to be …a red All Star logo which designer John Varvatos embedded in the transparent signature diamond sole, which has been with Converse since the late 1920’s.

Converse has revolutionised the fashion identity of basketball as well as the Underground Rock ‘n Roll scene.  The brand recently paid homage to those legends who have gone before us, making traction in the music industry, by opening Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn NY, July 2011.  This recording studio is aimed at giving back to up and coming artists and allows these talented musicians to lay down tracks for free…bringing us bands such as Delta Spirit and many more…

Now I aint gonna lie…these sneaks are gonna set you back a pretty penny or two…well about R2200 to be exact… but here’s the thing, think about how long you’ve had your first pair of All Stars for, think about how you feel when you pull them on, of the stories they carry around with them, how they’ve never done you wrong – nothin but scruffy free thinking kewl comfort…

Converse – “for those independent enough not to follow”








Leather Star Player Hi Tops with Sand blast detail by John Varvatos for Converse

All images Courtesy of Gunther Schubert of Vorsprung Studio


“Sneakerevolution – The Conception”

Sneakerevolution – conceived and born from the resurgence of my love affair with sneakers.

This weekly post is me putting my love and appreciation of how sneakers have evolved over the years as well as the sneaker revolution on my digital sleeve.  I hope to delve into the minds of those behind my favourite brands and share with you my perspective of how they are pushing design concepts and taking on the conundrum of creating a balance between design and technical dynamics.

My love affair with sneakers is deeply rooted and closely connected to my love of music. If I think of the first pair of memorable sneakers that I owned, it would take me back to 2002.  I remember shopping for them like it was, well…right now!   All I could hear was Erika Badu’s ” Love of my Life” echoing through me… and right then and there…a new sneakerhead was born.  The love of these sneakers consumed me – the smell of new leather sauntering up into the ramblings of my mind, the ridges of the sole imprinting itself on the palm of my hand and deep down on my soul as I clutched them close to my centre…and just like that, I knew that they would be mine – my first pair of Adi originals!


These Adidas Originals would go on to accompany me to my first Jamiroquai concert that year, and 10 years later…I’m still rockin them!

They say you never forget your first…sigh…Adidas…you truly are the Love of my life!

Don’t miss the first official post this Tuesday…Sneakerevolution.

Caspar Lee – New age entrepreneur

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Caspar Lee – A face to watch for 2013 no doubt, not only because he’s easy on the eyes but because this 18 year young entrepreneur has vision and wisdom well beyond his years.  Upon dinner conversation after the shoot he told me that in order to make one’s dreams come true you have to will them to, and that’s just what he’s been doing.  Currently relocated to the UK to pursue his career, this Social Media Phenomenon has drive and aspirations like nothing I’ve seen in a very long time. Caspar is conquering platforms like Youtube(365,488 subscribers & 19,672,197 views), Twitter(227,614 followers), Facebook(122k), Instagram(147,271 followers) and Tumblr(227k) at the most astonishing rate and with stats like these, it’s evident that this rising star will reach heights that only his mind could constrain.  So here are my selections from our photo shoot last month…hope you like!








All images courtesy of Loop Photo


Styling – Robynn Farrell

Stylist’s assistant – Mihke Henn

Hair & Make up – Jane-anne Wilson

Clothing courtesy of Jay Jays