Caspar Lee – New age entrepreneur

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Caspar Lee – A face to watch for 2013 no doubt, not only because he’s easy on the eyes but because this 18 year young entrepreneur has vision and wisdom well beyond his years.  Upon dinner conversation after the shoot he told me that in order to make one’s dreams come true you have to will them to, and that’s just what he’s been doing.  Currently relocated to the UK to pursue his career, this Social Media Phenomenon has drive and aspirations like nothing I’ve seen in a very long time. Caspar is conquering platforms like Youtube(365,488 subscribers & 19,672,197 views), Twitter(227,614 followers), Facebook(122k), Instagram(147,271 followers) and Tumblr(227k) at the most astonishing rate and with stats like these, it’s evident that this rising star will reach heights that only his mind could constrain.  So here are my selections from our photo shoot last month…hope you like!

All images courtesy of Loop Photo

Styling – Robynn Farrell

Stylist’s assistant – Mihke Henn

Hair & Make up – Jane-anne Wilson

Clothing courtesy of Jay Jays


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