“Sneakerevolution – The Conception”

Sneakerevolution – conceived and born from the resurgence of my love affair with sneakers.

This weekly post is me putting my love and appreciation of how sneakers have evolved over the years as well as the sneaker revolution on my digital sleeve.  I hope to delve into the minds of those behind my favourite brands and share with you my perspective of how they are pushing design concepts and taking on the conundrum of creating a balance between design and technical dynamics.

My love affair with sneakers is deeply rooted and closely connected to my love of music. If I think of the first pair of memorable sneakers that I owned, it would take me back to 2002.  I remember shopping for them like it was, well…right now!   All I could hear was Erika Badu’s ” Love of my Life” echoing through me… and right then and there…a new sneakerhead was born.  The love of these sneakers consumed me – the smell of new leather sauntering up into the ramblings of my mind, the ridges of the sole imprinting itself on the palm of my hand and deep down on my soul as I clutched them close to my centre…and just like that, I knew that they would be mine – my first pair of Adi originals!


These Adidas Originals would go on to accompany me to my first Jamiroquai concert that year, and 10 years later…I’m still rockin them!

They say you never forget your first…sigh…Adidas…you truly are the Love of my life!

Don’t miss the first official post this Tuesday…Sneakerevolution.


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