*Suck My Kiss! – RHCP We’re With You Tour*


Sweet guitar rifts, solid drummin skillz and hardcore raw lyrics that speak true to my “scar tissue”…this is what RHCP’s is to me…

My friends kept asking me ” Are you psyched Robz…ARE YOU PSYCHED FOR RHCP ROBZ?” and in all honesty I wasn’t hey.  I never really get psyched up for these huge live events for some reason.  The best part about going to these gigs aren’t the build up days to the show…no no…for me it’s the day of… it’s the missioning to the concert, pre-partyin with friends, the angst you feel as you’re “standing in line to see the show…” and the sound of your heart pounding as you hear the crowds cheering…pulling the band from backstage as though they were attached to invisible electric threads, energised by their fans.


Walking into the stadium all I could think of was 2 things….one getting to our seats in time(yes I was seated but in all honesty most people that I spoke to in Golden Circle said they couldn’t see the stage and watched the entire concert on the big screen soooooo…WHAT???!!!) and secondly, why the f**k are the queues for beer so damn looooooong! FML


Now if I’m keeping it real, as I always do, the sound on the first few songs were shite but it didn’t take long for the RHCP  crew to get it fixed and in no way did it spoil my buzz.  The guitar rifts that these guys were spewing out were f**king insane…I found myself mesmorized…


and don’t even get me started on the drumming….aaahooooo…Smith…what a Legend!


They played all the classics…my favourites of the night being Californication, Scar Tissue, By the Way and Suck My Kiss!


Now this being a fashion blog and all, I cannot NOT speak about what these boys were wearing. Anthony’s trucker cap was what caught my attention first and foremost…it simply read “Off”…you fill in the blank… grin.  My eyes then automatically fell on Anthony and Flea’s trouser’s and knee high socks.  One trouser leg had been cut and altered into a half trouser/half shorts and was worn with a long striped sock and sneakers.  Now from a fashion stand point I cannot say that this is “on trend” but it is precisely for this reason that I love these guys’ style.  They are Cali personified…LA boys through and through – Setting their own standards, making their own trends and it sparked something in me…I needed to go back to the beginning…I needed to revisit a part of me which I hadn’t spoken to in some time…and in that moment, my heart smiled.  You know why sneakerheads…because it was then that my eyes caught a glimpse of the red Puma Oslo’s that Flea was wearing…all they ways back from my itty bitty seat. Yes!!!



“By the Way”, for those of you who don’t know why I was so excited to see these kicks, the Puma Oslo hasn’t seen the light of day in decades.  The smooth leather uppers are contrasted by sueded toe caps and what I call the Puma “swoosh”.  A Spring 2013 Oslo range has been released with a textured gumsole feature which seems to be a common thread in sneaker trends this season.

I’ll never forget my night with RHCP and the best part for me was that I saw it it right here in my home town CT.  Red Hot Chili Peppers have come a long way and are still representin’ 30 years later…


I think they said it best…  “At least I have her love , the City she loves me” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Cape Town…I heart this City!



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