Robynn Farrell got a face lift? WHAT the fuuuuuuuuuu…???!

Seriously guys…a face lift?! …pffft

Aaanyways, seeing as you’re already here *stares awkwardly overhead*…. take a  look aroooound, lemme know what you thiiiiiink *grin*…and if you like the face lift I’ve given my blog, please follow and/or share…nobody likes a selfish asshole mmmkay *side eye*

Heh heh…heh…heh…eh em…

But seriously…BGLDY is my not so serious take on…happenings and meanderings through the fashion industry…and a place for me to indulge in my lust for travel, sneaks, fashion, rings and things…so follow, like and share… next blog post goes live this Friday!

Peace out bitcheeees!!!


+ …for the love of fashion. +

+…baglady for life. +




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