+Lagerfeld upsets the Balance – New Balance to sue Karl Lagerfeld!

Photo credit – Karl Lagerfeld

Upon hearing that New Balance is intending to sue Karl Lagerfeld for ripping off one of their sneaker designs and logo, my first reaction was …really, SERIOUSLY KARL!  And so I decided to troll the net to see what all the fuss was about…I mean, how similar could these 2 pair of trainers really be?!  And hear they are…

Phot credit – http://www.eonline.com

Now I’ll say it again…really, SERIOUSLY New Balance??!!  Yes, there definitely is a resemblance but cooome oooon!

Although similar, there are huge differences namely design(soles, style lines, colours), materials used are significantly different (predominantly suede vs patent, leather and suede)  and so is the shape.  The Lagerfeld sneakers has a sleeker feel, resembling a pair of Nike’s if you ask me, whereas New Balance seems to retain that authentic retro 70’s feel which this Boston  brand is renowned for.  And to be honest, if I had the choice(regardless of the price difference – New Balance priced at $112 vs Karl Lagerfeld at $360)  I’d still choose New Balance over Lagerfeld’s design.  Without trying to sound cheesy, the New Balance sneaker design just feels, well… more balanced.  Lagerfeld’s design feels pretentious and the “block letter K”, which seems to be causing all the controversy, just seems to be floating…as though it was just slapped on where ever they could find space.  I could understand if it was a “Z” or if the “K” was grey but I can’t honestly say that the resemblance is enough to warrant legal action.  At first glance, I’d think they were a pair of nasty “fong kongs” (my bad Karl…still love ya work) but of what brand, I don’t know? It certainly did not make me think of New Balance…at all!  But that’s just my opinion…what do you think?

Has New Balance tipped their scale of reason or is orange the new black for Karl? Lol, a bit drastic, I know but what are your thoughts?

Hola at me with your verdict!

+…for the love of fashion+



4 thoughts on “+Lagerfeld upsets the Balance – New Balance to sue Karl Lagerfeld!

  1. Haha!! A pair of fong kongs. That made me laugh. Definitely agree it’s an over reaction too! Don’t know how this has even been accepted as a case to fight out in court!

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