This weekend, Mercedes Benz hosted the first edition of the Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival , showcasing the work of  local and international designers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and film makers.  Fashion films are fast trending, a medium used to express the inspiration behind designs and creations as well as the ethos of the brand on a a global scale. I was so pleased to see some of my favourites, (Arcade, Black Era – Court of the Ants, Urban Hippie, Lover’s Game and Un largo camino/The Long Road) take awards at the event.  And the winners of this year’s SA Fashion Film Festival are…

The Mercedes Benz Award : Ernst Heusser – Wanderlust

Best picture : Damien Krisi – Urban Hippie

Best Director: Samual A Martin and Best Actress:Kim Lysette – Alive for Prangsta

Best cinematography : Manuel Portilla – Pasos de Sirena

Best art direction : Kirsten GossArcade

Best visual effects : Black Era – Court of the Ants (NSFW)

Best Make Up : Amber Moelter & Luis Baretto Carillo – Immortal Game

Best Fashion : Miguel Gauthier & Viktorija Pashuta – Lovers Game

Best Hair : Raul Rosillo – Quimera

Best Actor : Oliver Baggerman – Un largo camino (The Long Road)

+…for the love of fashion+



+And the winners are… Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival 2014

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