You guessed it, BGLDY is quite simply an abbreviation for baglady.

And what is a baglady you may ask?  Well, Robynn Farrell, a Cape Town based fashion stylist and editor of  BGLDY (in lust with fashion, travel, sneaks, bags, rings + things) is a self proclaimed baglady herself…

A baglady(or BGLDY) is defined as…well, I’ll let Miss Badu school you herself…

“…we all have our own baggage to carry, some heavier than others.  BGDLY is my not so serious take on fashion trends and personal style.  Life, to me, is not too short to make boring choices…no harm in being a Plain Jane I say.  No, life is too short to make choices that do not ring true to you as an individual.  Do you and let the rest go…everything else will fall into place.  TRUST!”

This is the story of a baglady’s journey through the often not so glamorous fashion industry and her often not so boring life.

So whether you’re a “paperbag lady”, “babybag mama” or a “Guccibag lady” this blog is for you.

+ …for the love of fashion. +



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