+Lagerfeld upsets the Balance – New Balance to sue Karl Lagerfeld!

Photo credit – Karl Lagerfeld

Upon hearing that New Balance is intending to sue Karl Lagerfeld for ripping off one of their sneaker designs and logo, my first reaction was …really, SERIOUSLY KARL!  And so I decided to troll the net to see what all the fuss was about…I mean, how similar could these 2 pair of trainers really be?!  And hear they are…

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+Rita Ora X Adidas Orignals

Rita Ora Originals

Photo credit : Rita Ora Instagram

Rita Ora is now not only known for her singing, her Roberto Cavalli campaign, being the face of DKNY, designing her own make-up range for Rimmel or her upcoming role in 50 Shades of Grey but can now add Adidas clothing and shoe designer to her list of accolades.  She recently announced that she would be the first female artist collaborator with the German brand and has been working on the new range since being approached during New York Fashion Week in September last year.  Adidas simply said to expect the unexpected and that it was…

 a match brought about by the brand’s admiration for shared rebellious natures.”

The range will be comprised of 5 collections : The Black Line(based on her London look), The Pastel Line, Colourblock Packs Line, The Spray line and Rose line.

Rita’s has always had mad love for Adidas, telling Woman’s Wear Daily

“I’m a massive fan of the brand,… I grew up working at a sneaker store when I was 16 and am a huge sneakerhead. It’s so cool that I’m able to do this with a brand that I sold when I was younger.”

Rita says she has taken inspiration from her music, tattoos and her own personal style while conceptualizing her new range, partially in pursuit of a particular pair of trousers…

 “I wanted people to be comfortable but be sexy at the same time. The inspiration actually for that was that I used to have these trousers with these see-through panels but they got ruined in the wash and I could never find another pair.”

So untill the first line is launched later this year in August, here are a few sneak peeks at the new streetwear collab…and come 1st November, I’ll be rocking this look right here for sure.  Too killer!

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : dailymail.co.uk

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : dailymail.co.uk

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : dailymail.co.uk

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : Rita Ora Instagram 

Photo credit : new.mtv.com

Photo credit : new.mtv.com 

Rita Ora Adisdas Originals

Photo Credits : Rita Ora Instagram

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : Splash News

Photo Credit : Splash News

Photo Credit : Splash News

Rita Ora Adidas Originals

Photo Credit : Splash News


+..for the love of fashion+

+Interactive sneaker porn – NikeID





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Lets begin with generally, nothing good can come of anything that is initiated after 2am

 Soooo, this morning, around 4am, my fucked up internal clock decided to, once AGAIN, rise up and revolt against my quest for time travel(Pre Expresso)…to a time where life was filled with  normal sleeping hours and cognitive thoughts.  And amidst my half comatosed dose of daily Facebook stalkings and Twitter ramblings, I came across NikeID online.  It was as though I had stumbled upon some old school “interactive sneaker porn”…and you know what,  it’s still as killer now as it was when it was first released in 1999.  So what else was there to do but indulge and create a pair of my very own… Continue reading

*Suck My Kiss! – RHCP We’re With You Tour*


Sweet guitar rifts, solid drummin skillz and hardcore raw lyrics that speak true to my “scar tissue”…this is what RHCP’s is to me…

My friends kept asking me ” Are you psyched Robz…ARE YOU PSYCHED FOR RHCP ROBZ?” and in all honesty I wasn’t hey.  I never really get psyched up for these huge live events for some reason.  The best part about going to these gigs aren’t the build up days to the show…no no…for me it’s the day of… it’s the missioning to the concert, pre-partyin with friends, the angst you feel as you’re “standing in line to see the show…” and the sound of your heart pounding as you hear the crowds cheering…pulling the band from backstage as though they were attached to invisible electric threads, energised by their fans.


Walking into the stadium all I could think of was 2 things….one getting to our seats in time(yes I was seated but in all honesty most people that I spoke to in Golden Circle said they couldn’t see the stage and watched the entire concert on the big screen soooooo…WHAT???!!!) and secondly, why the f**k are the queues for beer so damn looooooong! FML


Now if I’m keeping it real, as I always do, the sound on the first few songs were shite but it didn’t take long for the RHCP  crew to get it fixed and in no way did it spoil my buzz.  The guitar rifts that these guys were spewing out were f**king insane…I found myself mesmorized…


and don’t even get me started on the drumming….aaahooooo…Smith…what a Legend!


They played all the classics…my favourites of the night being Californication, Scar Tissue, By the Way and Suck My Kiss!


Now this being a fashion blog and all, I cannot NOT speak about what these boys were wearing. Anthony’s trucker cap was what caught my attention first and foremost…it simply read “Off”…you fill in the blank… grin.  My eyes then automatically fell on Anthony and Flea’s trouser’s and knee high socks.  One trouser leg had been cut and altered into a half trouser/half shorts and was worn with a long striped sock and sneakers.  Now from a fashion stand point I cannot say that this is “on trend” but it is precisely for this reason that I love these guys’ style.  They are Cali personified…LA boys through and through – Setting their own standards, making their own trends and it sparked something in me…I needed to go back to the beginning…I needed to revisit a part of me which I hadn’t spoken to in some time…and in that moment, my heart smiled.  You know why sneakerheads…because it was then that my eyes caught a glimpse of the red Puma Oslo’s that Flea was wearing…all they ways back from my itty bitty seat. Yes!!!



“By the Way”, for those of you who don’t know why I was so excited to see these kicks, the Puma Oslo hasn’t seen the light of day in decades.  The smooth leather uppers are contrasted by sueded toe caps and what I call the Puma “swoosh”.  A Spring 2013 Oslo range has been released with a textured gumsole feature which seems to be a common thread in sneaker trends this season.

I’ll never forget my night with RHCP and the best part for me was that I saw it it right here in my home town CT.  Red Hot Chili Peppers have come a long way and are still representin’ 30 years later…


I think they said it best…  “At least I have her love , the City she loves me” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Cape Town…I heart this City!


“Adi Originals – Lets Go All In”

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When I first saw these Adidas Court Decks, I had to stop and take a moment of silence for all the sneakers, sat along side them – fallen to the way side in comparison…sigh…I heart Adi Originals and in today’s post I’m gonna let the these sneakers do the talking…Lets Go All In!







And when you step out in your favourite kicks today, remember,”What this world needs now is love…”, more sneakers and originality…so go all in or get the f**k out…sneakerevolution.

All images courtesy of Vorsprung Studios(Gunther Schubert)


Converse – Leather High Tops by John Varvatos

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When I first saw these sneakers, I fell in love with the unequivocal darkness of them…

They invoked in me, a feeling that can only be described as the filthy grunge that you’d find under your sneakers after a hot mess of a night out.  Now I’m generally not a fan of pre distressed  pieces but there’s just something about these sneaks that yells at me…unashamed, unapologetic, ruff-like!  These high tops are to me what The Strokes are to Rock ‘n Roll.  They have an easy edge.

Worn burgundy leather reveals a faded chevron/star imprint and slightly scuffed toe caps, suggests that these have taken your feet to many a underground gig.  The vintage pinstriped inner lining and black leather trim “celebrates the spirit of rebellion”…But my favourite design element in these pair of sneakers has to be …a red All Star logo which designer John Varvatos embedded in the transparent signature diamond sole, which has been with Converse since the late 1920’s.

Converse has revolutionised the fashion identity of basketball as well as the Underground Rock ‘n Roll scene.  The brand recently paid homage to those legends who have gone before us, making traction in the music industry, by opening Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn NY, July 2011.  This recording studio is aimed at giving back to up and coming artists and allows these talented musicians to lay down tracks for free…bringing us bands such as Delta Spirit and many more…

Now I aint gonna lie…these sneaks are gonna set you back a pretty penny or two…well about R2200 to be exact… but here’s the thing, think about how long you’ve had your first pair of All Stars for, think about how you feel when you pull them on, of the stories they carry around with them, how they’ve never done you wrong – nothin but scruffy free thinking kewl comfort…

Converse – “for those independent enough not to follow”








Leather Star Player Hi Tops with Sand blast detail by John Varvatos for Converse

All images Courtesy of Gunther Schubert of Vorsprung Studio


“Sneakerevolution – The Conception”

Sneakerevolution – conceived and born from the resurgence of my love affair with sneakers.

This weekly post is me putting my love and appreciation of how sneakers have evolved over the years as well as the sneaker revolution on my digital sleeve.  I hope to delve into the minds of those behind my favourite brands and share with you my perspective of how they are pushing design concepts and taking on the conundrum of creating a balance between design and technical dynamics.

My love affair with sneakers is deeply rooted and closely connected to my love of music. If I think of the first pair of memorable sneakers that I owned, it would take me back to 2002.  I remember shopping for them like it was, well…right now!   All I could hear was Erika Badu’s ” Love of my Life” echoing through me… and right then and there…a new sneakerhead was born.  The love of these sneakers consumed me – the smell of new leather sauntering up into the ramblings of my mind, the ridges of the sole imprinting itself on the palm of my hand and deep down on my soul as I clutched them close to my centre…and just like that, I knew that they would be mine – my first pair of Adi originals!


These Adidas Originals would go on to accompany me to my first Jamiroquai concert that year, and 10 years later…I’m still rockin them!

They say you never forget your first…sigh…Adidas…you truly are the Love of my life!

Don’t miss the first official post this Tuesday…Sneakerevolution.