G STAR RAW Canal Walk Launch – The Art of Raw

The Art of Raw…

G Star Raw has been a pioneer in pushing boundaries when it comes to raw denim.  The brand prides itself on moulding raw denim to fit unusual shapes and objects to create pieces of Art as well as challenging themselves to incorporate innovative design elements and  discover new ways to craft raw denim…

So it was only fitting that when I arrived at the G Star Raw Canal Walk launch last night, I found sushi and Jameson on tap… so, I got into the vibe of the evening  and indulged in some raw fish and whiskey(on the rocks) whilst ogling over each item in store… taking 360 snaps around me of every interesting item,  detail or print that I could find…

And with Goldfish jamming on the decks in store and familiar faces such as DJ Niskerone, singers Keano Lee and Chad Saaiman making appearances, amongst others, this store launch was by far one of my favourites to date.

So I leave you with these raw images of mine as seen through my eyes…

+…for the love of fashion+




Gstar 2



Gstar 1



Photography – Robynn Farrell

Traffic Winter Fashion Show 2013

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So here I am, finally back at home, chillin on the sofa, on my balcony, red wine in hand, sigh…but I digress, let’s set the tone  for the Traffic Winter Fashion Show 2013 last night shall we…

This year the Traffic Winter Fashion Show 2013 took place at The Shimmy Beach Club and with sponsors such as Blackberry, Madison and M.A.C on board, as well as the fashion fiend, Robin Khan of AFF behind the scenes…this show was sure to be off the hook…


Once conversations fizzled and the bubbly had settled in our veins, the lights dimmed…music began to pump… and the show began…


The undertone of the show seemed to comment on the era of social networking and how it has, ironically, made us antisocial creatures by nature…



Models sported  androgenous  looks courtesy of M.A.C. – nude faces with strong brows complemented the major trends striding down the runway…Berry and Olive were the colours that dominated…



Seasonal trends such as Utility, New Nude, Oversized knits, Sports Luxe, Black & Gold, Embellishment, Studs and Leather featured prominently…


Utility (The leather jacket that shall be mine…oh yes!)


Sports luxe(Mens)


Sports Luxe(Ladies)


New Nude



My favourite items that I think I’d have to walk away with are the Plate detail heels in nude from Madison and the denim on denim layered look with black skinnys (not to mention the tan zipper detail leather jacket…which shall be mine…oh yes…did I mention that it shall be mine!)


Denim on denim/studs

And on that note…I’ll catch you on the flipside…

+…for the love of fashion+

All images courtesy of Gunther Schubert of Vorspsrung Studios